Dan Arnold, CEO

Dan Arnold has epitomized innovation and leadership throughout a long and impressive career. Not only is Dan Arnold a Consulting Electronics Design Engineer, an Entrepreneur, and an Inventor, he is also former Executive Director of ASRET, a non-profit Association promoting Small, Small Disadvantaged and Women Owned Research Engineering & Technical Services Companies. AFCEA even Began their program to promote Small Business many years ago by working with Dan and his Ideas and learning from his experience.  A pillar of his industry, Dan is a Life Member of IEEE and a Corporate Member of AFCEA.  His interest in Electronics began at age 8, building Radios and Amplifiers with his Father. Always looking for ways to progress to the next challenge,  young Dan soon moved on to Repairing Televisions, and over Decades, has Continued Advancing his Knowledge, now mentoring Other Engineers and improving their designs.  Dan’s expertise has changed many lives and many projects for the better. He has Consulted at many Major Defense Contractors and Small Technical Businesses, Often Saving them Millions of Dollars by Improving Previously Planned Designs.

Dan has also made Significant Contributions to the Design Development and Testing of Ground Based Radars, Airborne Radars and Over the Horizon Radars.  His influence can be seen across the designs of Communications Equipment, Cryptographic Key Generators, Electronic Warfare Equipment, Sonar Towed Arrays and Training Simulators.  Dan has also made Significant Contributions to Police Radar, Traffic Monitoring Systems, Red Light Cameras & Emerging Public Safety Equipment and Systems.  Dan continues to expand possibilities in the field and motivate the rest of us to join him at the cutting edge. Now Founding Eagle Eye Laboratories, his most recent project is the Next Generation Body Camera which brings Body Camera Capabilities into the Twenty First Century.  This new invention has Advanced Situational Awareness and Life Saving Capabilities.  



Jacob Ayubi, Business Development

Jacob Ayubi is a savvy, innovative, multilingual Business Leader with 20+ years of experience leading organizations by conducting all aspects of strategic planning, operation and new business development. Ability to streamline organizational production through the restructuring of policies and procedures, operations, finances, customer service ratings and team productivity. Maintain an uncompromising focus on high quality standards and bottom-line profit improvements. Excel at building high-performance organizations that work efficiently and compete in the broader market.  Jacob has created 250 million dollars in business and has managed hundreds of employees.  


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