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 Eagle Eye Labs was Created to Help Our Military and Police Forces in Their Mission to Modernize.  We Strongly Believe Our Latest Cutting-Edge Next-Generation-Body-Camera Makes Many Currently Fielded Products Obsolete. Upgrading to Our State-of -the-Art Product Enables Our Brave Heroes to Perform at a Higher Level and SAVE THEIR LIVES! 

Main Capabilities


The Eagle Eye Labs - Enhanced Awareness Reporting System (EARS) formally known as the Next Generation Body Camera (EEL NGBC)

The Patented EEL NGBC enhances Situational Awareness by providing a seamless, hemispherical 360 degree Eyes-in-back-of-the-Head view of the Wearer's surroundings. Additionally, Skyward video can detect a Drone or other airborne object.

Our Patented millimeter wave Radar, provides tonal threat warnings of proximity, velocity and size of approaching persons and vehicles.

Leading-edge Technological Advances enable integration of sensors that were previously carried independently.

Augmented by Sensor Data Fusion and processed with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks to detect, determine and report threats of many kinds including gestures and gait.

The Wearer is provided with an assessment of the situation from moment to moment that was previously unobtainable in a light weight, body worn device.

Information is stored on the device and also streamed to a Command Center and can also be coordinated with other Wearer's.

The NGBC communicates to and from the Wearer hands-free so there is no need to handle a microphone or other device at a time when hands are better suited to other tasks.


Eagle Eye Labs - Next Generation Body Camera Can Be Customized To Meet Mission Requirements.  

List Of Add-On Capabilities


Eagle Eye Labs - Enhanced Awareness Reporting System (EARS) formally known as the Next Generation Body Camera Can Be Customized To Meet Mission Requirements.


The Patented Eagle Eye Labs – Next Generation Body Camera (Eagle Eye-NGBC) is a Body Worn Advanced Information and Augmented Situational Awareness System Invented by Dan Arnold, Which is Intended to Provide Advanced Technological Capabilities and Life Saving Features to Our Military and Police Forces. 

● The Eagle Eye-NGBC Uses State-Of-The-Art Technology to Physically and Operationally Incorporate, Integrate and Enable these Capabilities Within a Lightweight, Waterproof, Bullet Proof Helmet or Vest.

● Augmented Artificial Intelligence Combined with Proprietary Machine Learning, Parallel Processing, Neural Networks and Hardware Accelerators, Enhance the Wearer’s Ability to Meet Specific Mission Objectives.

● Operation is Intuitive, Highly Transparent and Can be Quickly Mastered.

● Integrated Design Greatly Increases Durability, Prevents Cameras and Sensors from Falling Off During Altercations or Rough Use, NOT a “Clip-On” Device. 

● The Multiple Cameras on the Eagle Eye-NGBC Provide a 360 Degree Hemispherical or Cylindrical View, Giving the Wearer Eyes-Behind-the-Head Capability and also a View of What is Above Them.

● Redundant Forward Looking Cameras Provide Increased Reliability in Capturing Events and a 3-D Perspective plus Starlight, Night Vision and Infrared Video, By Comparison, Existing Body Cameras have Only a Single Forward Facing View.

● Tonal Cues and Verbal Alerts Warn the Wearer of the Proximity and Rate of Approach of Potential Threats, Vehicles, Objects and Persons.

● A Look-Down, Heads-Up-Display on the Helmet Visor Avoids Disorientation By Providing a Clear Forward View.

● The Vest and Shoulder Pad Versions Report Situations and Threats Audibly While Also Streaming All Data to External Displays and Other Participants.

● Augmented Artificial Intelligence, Enabled by Proprietary Machine Learning, Parallel Processing, Neural Networks and Hardware Accelerators, Combine in a manner that is Highly Transparent to the Wearer, Intuitive, and Can be Quickly Mastered.

● All Functions Respond Only to Wearers Voice, the Eagle Eye-NGBC “Speaks” to the Wearer, and Cancels Extraneous Noise.

● Hands Free C4ISR, Command, Control and Communication, Video, Geo-location and GPS Position of the Wearer, can be Viewed Remotely in Real Time or Replayed to Others Wearing Similar Body Cameras and to Command Personnel, Central Authorities and Remote Databases Via Satellite, Internet and Other Means. 

● ALWAYS ON 24 Hour Secure Unalterable Tamper-Proof Encrypted Communications Via Satellite, WiFi, 5G or other Advanced Means of Transmission, so there is NO NEED TO TURN IT ON at a Critical Time. Previous Generation Body Cameras are Manually Enabled Devices which are Often NOT Turned on Until AFTER an Important Event has Occurred OR May Not Ever Get Turned On to Record.

● Data Fusion of the Video, mmWave Radar, LIDAR, IR, RF, Audio and Other Sensors Provide Threat Evaluation and Reporting Based upon Facial, Fingerprint, Iris Scanning, Gesture, Gait, Uniform Recognition, Including Detection of Concealed Weapons from a Safe Distance through Clothing and Walls. 

● Employs Architecture and Analytics to Complement Traditional Intelligence Capabilities in order to Report Identities, Locations, and Actions in Near-Peer, Sensitive and Less Permissive Environments.

● Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Provides Vehicle Make, Model, Violations, Warrants and Supporting Information.

● Reports Direction of Gunshots, such as “Gunshot at 7 O'Clock”, May Even Identify the Weapon Fired.

● Detects Hazardous Atmospheres: Nuclear Radiation, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Threats.

● Language Translator Enables Two-Way Communication in Otherwise Foreign Languages, Including Continuous Monitoring and Alerting of Threatening Speech.

● Tamper-Proof On-Board Storage as well as Real-Time Encrypted Streaming for Redundant Data Storage.

● Several Layers of Data Compression and Power Management Provides Over 24 Hour Continuous Reporting. 

● ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP), EMI, RFI Interference, Solar and Lightning Protection Enables Continued Functioning After Serious Electrical Upsets That Would Destroy Many Other Electrical Devices. 

● Integrated Software Defined Radio (SDR) Reception and Comm Link to External Transmitters and Receivers.

● Conformal Solar Cells Cover the Surface of the Vest and Helmet to Enhance Operational Duration.

● Monitors Wearer’s and External Biometrics, Heartbeat, Temperature, Humidity and Other Parameters Specific to Mission Requirements.

A Strategic Partner and Development Funding is Sought to Bring This Product to Manufacture and Deployment.


Eagle Eye Labs CEO Dan Arnold Presented His Patented Invention to a Panel of Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Associations (AFCEA) Judges, there he Described The Features.  


TV Worldwide's CEO Dave Gardy invited Dan Arnold CEO of Eagle Eye Labs back to his show to provide more details about Mr. Arnold's invention.